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My talents are unique. 

My softness is a strength. 

My power is unmatched.

My views are valuable.

My leadership sets a new standard. 

My decisions are my own.  

I experience the world differently.

I move through life, my way.  

[My Way] is designed for women and women+ who...

... want to define their own success and happiness.


... want freedom to choose their own path without judgement. 


... wants to breakdown barriers ... or not.


... wants financial freedom.


... wants work-life balance.

... wants to start a family... or not. 


... wants to be compensated for their value. 

... wants their wants. 

[My Way] can help you:

  • explore - We know there are countless paths to your goals. We'll offer different possibilities and pathways to get you to where you want to go.

  • create - Our dynamic planning adapts as your circumstances change. Curate action plans that are rooted in real-world experience and designed to drive results.

  • grow - Our approach turns your career goals into every day actions and results, for every phase of life.

  • decide - Our research-based guidance offers real-time actions to your everyday career challenges.

  • achieve - Never forget a win by tracking accomplishments as they happen. Review weekly or monthly wins and celebrate each other's success.

  • celebrate - We believe a woman's win is a win for all women. We celebrate each other as much as we support.

who is the [decision app] for?

  • decision makers - everyone from project managers to c-suite leaders to elected officials can leverage the tool to navigate decisions in real-time. 

  • advisors - anyone supporting or advising decision makers at any level, including chiefs of staff, project teams, or consultants advising their clients through high stakes decisions the tool can guide you and your team. 

  • businesses - from big corporations to small businesses the [decision app] can help make everyday decisions to grow and protect your business

  • government - from local, state, and federal government entities, the safe and secure app can support teams and officials with high impact, high visibility decisions. 

  • individuals - can use the tool to help explore decisions solo or with trusted family, friends, or colleagues. the tool enables you to navigate it solo or create custom teams.

Improve your decisions.

Decision App

whether its weighing an opportunity to scale and grow your business, navigating an economic downturn, or a maneuvering a global crisis we will help you or your team explore every angle to choose the best path forward. 

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everyday ventures co. 









[My Way] features:

  • Relentless community support

  • Flexbile career planning

  • Curated actions for results

  • Challenges to help you level-up and sharpen your skills

  • Track your wins in real-time

  • Connect and engage in live events

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